Money growing on a tree, make money online

What if Money was growing on a Tree and all you have to do is wait for harvesting time? 

Unfortunately it is not always that easy. Actually: it is never that easy. I have been on a roller coaster trying to make money online. I somehow manage to fail every time in spite of having bought a huge amount of programs that each promise to make me a millionaire by next week, so to speak.

Not that I believe that but even a fraction would be very welcome.

So what I am doing: jumping from one program to the next, doing selling, e-commerce, SEO and then some all at the same time, is not the answer.

I need to find a coach. I will do that. Even if it is costing me 200 $ I don’t have. Will this be the coach I am looking for? One that does not rip me off?

Lets see what happens.