Make easy money online and fix your retirement

What if Money was growing on a Tree and all you have to do is wait for harvesting time? Good news, there is such an option.


I use it every day. Companies that are successful and want to scale their business use your and my money to grow. In stead of paying just a fraction of what they earn with your money, like banks and stock market businesses do, they give you a fair share. Daily. It is like crowd funding; having many people put in a small amount of money to help you grow. And while you are growing, you pay the people back and reward them for their contribution.

Why this site?

I lost my retirement savings. Yes, a lot of money that was supposed to keep me going until I was about 100 years old. This disaster, that dropped me from being happy and never worry about money ever again to a nervous wreak. I was panicking with every penny that was spent, since nothing was coming in. I was going to be broke very soon if I did not give up my apartment in Amsterdam and lived on my yacht permanently.

Stuck in my dream, that was me. I am not so young anymore. I could no longer live in my home town. A job that paid enough for me to live on and maintain my yacht was not to be expected. I had to design a different plan. The fruits of this long, frustrating but successful journey you can find on this site. What I want is to help others with the same problem find their solution FAST. No hair pulling frustration for you, even though it takes some getting used to.

How to use these money trees

The way to view these programs is to have a clear goal for your income. For instance, you want to earn $100 per day. That means you let your tree grow long enough to make you 100$ every day, then you withdraw that money from your wallet into your bank account.

You have to make sure that your program does not run dry if you take out your $100 per day. So is has to generate about twice that amount, the second $100 you use to reinvest in the program itself.

Having said that, the first thing you do is make sure you get the money you put into the program, called ‘the principal‘, back out. Then you let it grow and watch how there is more money available for you.

Invest in multiple program’s: start with a few and use earnings to invest in even more program’s to spread your risk and always have a few sources of income at hand.

Easy money online, like having a money tree. Just put in a small investment, your seed money, and time. I am warning you however: there are many bad apples in this market, I have had my share of losses.

This is why I tell you not to become completely dependent on your money tree orchard, even though it can easily provide you with an income of $3000 per month if you let your trees grow for about half a year. Or even a few months if you dare to invest a bit more than $50.

Now, some trees that grow money the lazy way:

So I advise you strongly: only put in a small amount, wait for it to grow (at 1.5% your money doubles in 50 days) and retrieve your investment. Now all your earnings are for FREE and you don’t risk losing anything.

Having said that: let your money tree grow for a while. Use the MOST POWERFUL FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT THERE IS, called Compound Interest. This means that you reinvest your interest every day, now you grow the results of your saving faster.

I include this calculator for you. In the first box you put for instance $100. Enter 1,5% interest. Now enter for the duration 150 days. Reinvest 100% and include weekends. You will see the following results: After 30 days you have $156, after 60 days $244, after 90 days $381, after 120 days $596 and after 150 days $933.

For your peace of mind I advise you to start with a special note book in which you write down what programs you have signed up to. You write down the name and link to the program, your login name and code, how much you invested and the payment method you used. Also if you used Bitcoin, US $ or Euro. And how much the program yields.

Also, you can earn extra money by referring others to your program. You will find under ‘affiliate’ a referral name. The program links you find on this site, are all my referral links. After all, I take the trouble of pointing the sites out to you, I will help you if you can’t find the how-to answers on Youtube. The program rewards me by giving me an incentive.

As soon as you have success with these programs, you can refer your friends, neighbours and colleagues to the programs and watch your money grow even faster.

If you are really smart, you invest using Bitcoin. Research it on Youtube and find out that this coin doubles in value every year. To get the Bitcoin, you have to have an exchange website, like Coinbase. This program works very well, and fast.

You may be wondering if I have all these accounts: yes I do.  But signing up is free. Some programs work with other payment brokers, like Spectrocoin. and some work only with Advcash 

Payeer also works with Bitcoin (BTC) and can give you a credit card with which you can get your money out of your account using an ATM.

Lets start with a tree that produces 3% per day! that is an extremely high percentage. The program is called tree7 and that is very appropriate for this site. I don’t know how long it will exist. As soon as I have any news about any program, I will post it on this site.

Also use this company, called Zcash. How to use it is explained on the site you reach after clicking HERE.

Since I already warned you that these companies are not always as reliable as they seem, you want to use several websites and put in only a small amount of money. I can not stress that enough since I already had several of these businesses collapse. 

There is  gladiacoin  This program requires you to have two people in your downline. That means, you find two others that also want to make money online.

Any new program’s will be added, those are only programs that I know others and myself have been successful with. There are many more, but I don’t have confirmation about them yet. This does not mean that I can give any guarantees of course. But I tell you only about the best ones that I know of.

Since I already warned you that these companies are not always as reliable as they seem, you want to use several websites and put in only a small amount of money. I can not stress that enough since I already had several of these businesses collapse. 

Make sure that after you reached the point where you can live comfortably and are ready to put aside savings, I would advise you to invest this money in GOLD. Gold is an investment that usually is not to attractive, because of the complications involved. However, if you read the next opportunity, this time as solid as the very best vaults in Europe, you will see how GOLD can be a true money maker for you without risking any of it:

Build a solid base made of pure GOLD

As a firm base for your coming wealth, use this program that will help you own GOLD without the hassle of owning a vault, protecting your home, digging a hole in the ground, having to buy more then you want, paying for storage in a vault and on top op everything else, make money instead of having the gold as a mere dead weight. The presentation tells you all about it, click on the picture below:

Click here to create a solid base for your future

SOON: Travel for less: a luxury 5 star journey for a 3-star price. Hotels, flights, car rental, all for a price you won’t believe. 

SOON: have a computer program do the trading for you, all you do is reap the results (your money back x 2 within 2 days) 

I am in the process of testing this last option. If it works it far more reliable then the programs I already took out of this site because they have not been trust worthy. 

If you have any experience, good or bad, please let me know in a personal message. You can find me on Facebook: Beatrijs van Westerop

Those are probably a lot of ideas and plans that you are not familiar with.

No sweat, I did not know about these at first, but losing my retirement kitty I had no choice but to find a way to make a living online. You see, I live on my yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Nice, you think, but if you realise that I was at some point ‘trapped’ in that dream since I could no longer afford my apartment in Amsterdam, you will see that I had to fight my way back up, just to be able to visit my friends and relations and be able to stay at my own place.

So that is how I decided to reach out and help others make a short cut to this new way of becoming financially independent.

Happy earnings and sleep well!

Beatrijs van Westerop

Growing money on a tree, a dream come true.